Flooding is natural, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Waterbloc is a rapidly deployable, water-filled temporary structure that features engineered stability that does the work of a thousand sandbags for a fraction of the time and cost when there is flooding. Just like your car insurance doesn’t prevent an accident, flood insurance (if available) won’t keep you dry. Be prepared, stay safe, stay dry!


For Civil Engineering and infrastructure projects where water control is within the scope of work, Waterbloc provides a safe and environmentally responsible method of diverting, blocking or storing water. Uses include: Boat ramps, bridge repairs, culvert replacement, channelization, canals, environmental remediation, spill containment, flume bypass, intakes and outfalls, river crossings, sediment and silt containment.

  • Rapid deployment saves precious time

    Save time.

  • Minimize environmental impact

    Save the environment.

  • Use the present and abundant supply of water

    Save water.

  • No additional fill material, anchors or straps needed

    Save money.

  • Engineered for stability

    Save yourself from worry.

  • Proprietary materials manufactured for this purpose

    Save your peace of mind.

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Product Bulletin – WATERBLOC

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“The district of Katepwa utilized WaterBloc in the recovery phase of the 2011 Qu’Apple Valley high spring runoff and area flooding. The product allowed us to hold back a considerable amount of water and at the same time, pump water out of flooded and evacuated resident’s properties.

The product was effective and easier to deploy when you don’t have a lot of people to help.

3500 linear ft of WaterBloc was purchased by area residents and the District of Katepwa so we have mitigation material that can be deployed quickly and potentially used for multiple events.

The product holds up nicely and can be stored very easily.”Warren Bobbe, Emergency Management Consultant, District of Katepwa