Floating Covers

Evaporation and heat loss prevention

Open topped tanks, ponds and pits lose massive amounts of energy and water volume due to evaporation, conductive and convective heat loss. Studies show that a floating cover can save up to 93% of the combined energy losses regardless of time of year and ambient temperatures.

To calculate the potential savings for yourself check out HeatSim. Clicking here will download an app that provides an engineer’s simulated assessment of energy loss and savings (in BTUs) for open topped tanks and reservoirs.

*Please note that HeatSim is a third party program. It is completely independent of this site and EPE has no claim to the intellectual property therein or the functionality of the app and cannot offer support for HeatSim.

  • Reduce heating time

    Save time.

  • Retain heat

    Save energy.

  • Reduce water management cost

    Save money.

  • Minimize evaporation

    Save water.

  • Modular design means we make it fit

    Save yourself from worry.

  • Deter wildlife

    Save your peace of mind.

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Product Bulletin – ENVIROCAP

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